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Asussan Automatic Door AŞ.

Our company, which offers services and products for the needs of the automatic door industry, increases the production qualities and develops itself continuously; entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit. The rapid growth of our company has turned into a stable over time and has allowed the door and transit systems sector to take its place among the respected and reliable establishments. Our innovative approach, quality assurance and customer-focused practices to date have been a key factor when it comes to this level. Today, our company is making a great contribution to the economy of the country with its technical capital and administrative staff and its growing capital, machine park.

Today, it is aimed to regularly expand the main product groups such as sectional and spiral doors (automatic shutters), loading systems, high speed pvc doors, sliding doors with photocell, sliding doors, side sliding gate motors. ASUSSAN's expert management team and team management are confidently proceeding towards high goals with the goal of purchasing quality materials from anywhere in the world, timely and cost-effectively and with the technological facilities used in all kinds of activities from proposal preparation to material procurement and application.