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Before we talk about how photocell doors work, let's answer the question of "photocell doors". "Photocell door" Today, photocell doors have become one of the normal features for every type of building. It is widely used from supermarkets to airports, from hospitals to hospitals. The three biggest advantages of these doors are: Easy passage, hygiene and energy saving (nature-friendly concept). You do not need a physical gentle to open the door. As soon as the door enters the passage area, it detects you and opens automatically. When we add disabled pedestrians to the account, the importance of automatic doors is easier to grasp. Another important issue is at least as easy to pass; Hygiene. You do not have to touch the non-hygienic door handles to open the door. Therefore, the contribution of automatic doors to the healthcare sector is also great. Finally, let's talk about energy saving, one of the most important agenda items in our modern world.

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General Features

- Imported origin mechanism systems
- Microprocessor quality
- Automatic power-off
- Waiting times for automatic shutdown (0-60 sec)
- Microwave or infared opening with radar sensor
- Photocell door security photocell - Button controlled
- Clear entry opening up to 3000 mm
- Electronic lock
- Possibility to use manually in emergency situations (manual opening)
- Color alternatives
- Different glass options

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