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Automatic Revolving Door Systems are systems used in areas where entrance and exit are intensive (in hospitals, shopping centers, hotels). Revolving door systems used with the aim of reducing pedestrian traffic are systems that are highly preferred in recent times and wherever they are antagonistic. Rotary Door Systems can be produced in accordance with the design and color of the area to be built. In this respect, the athletic area provides modernity by adding an aesthetic appearance. In terms of safety, the revolving doors, which are at the highest levels, stop by automatically taking themselves in situations like any possible handshake. It works quietly and lasts long due to the quality engine used. It is very resistant to dust, dirt or external factors which may be caused by high insulation capacity.

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General Features

- Transition Height: 2200 mm (possibility to increase by 2500 mm)
- Canopy Height: 300 mm (possibility to increase up to 800 mm)
- Finished Height 2400 mm (Standard)
- Locking System (Electromechanical locking system is optional, manual locking is applied.)
- Color: The desired RAL or Eloxal colors may be available.
- Radar: 2 units (Radar system with no effect of electric devices and pacemaker)

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