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Full-view sectional doors are the most durable and long-lasting doors manufactured to provide the fastest and safest way to automotive sales offices and factory entry and exit, where today's modern businesses are particularly visually stunning. Panels constituting full-view sectional doors are manufactured from 500 mm - 610 mm aluminum finger-protected aluminum profiles. The standard color of full-view sectional door profiles is natural eloxal. However, the external facade can be applied to the desired RAL colors depending on the color of the yada. Full-view sectional doors can also be fitted with standard control and remote control.

Full-view sectional doors with opto-laser system feature allows you to open the door backwards if it touches any object. Full-view sectional doors can be laid down in standard, low, vertical, guillotine or roof rails following the detent where the installation is to be done. Thus, it is ensured that the door operates most efficiently and as little space as possible. Full-view sectional doors can be lifted manually by the built-in spring system irrespective of the weight of the door, and the door can be used manually in the event of a power failure or engine failure.

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General Features

- Spring breakage safety system
- Rope breaking safety system
- The single set of arc set consists of
- Spring cushion
- 1.5 mm 2 '' Galvanized steel rail set
- 2,0 mm 2 '' Galvanized steel rail set (galvanized)
- Aluminum bottom support and sealing carrier profile
- Rear side sealing ring
- Sealing gasket fitted to upper support profile
- Top sealing gasket with hooks
- hollow pipe shaft with keyway
- 65 mm omega panel support sheet 5010 - 7000 mm wide doors
- Door handle
- Compliance with CE Standards
- Cardboard Packaging (for Panels)

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