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They are spring-balanced doors that can be manufactured in accordance with various architectural designs, opened by sliding manually or by motor, thanks to the rails on the door sides. It is preferred in closed garage entrances of detached houses, in closed car park entrances of apartments and sites.

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General Features

- It is a kind of door applied by producing different solutions at various beam heights.
- Finger Compression Safety Panels
- Door panels can be chosen as plain or corrugated wooden look PVC coated or painted.
- Both sides are made of 0,5 mm galvanized steel 40 mm polyurethane filled special support hair panes.
- Heat, sound and dust insulated.
- The door (service door-personnel door) can be applied inside the door.
- The window can be applied as an option. Decorative patterns can be applied on the window when requested.
- All colors on RAL are optional.
- It can be used automatically by manual or motor.
- It is possible to use with any kind of access control option (remote control, keyed control, coded control, button control).
- It is possible to apply warning and security systems such as photocell, flasher, pneumatic safety system.
- Can be easily operated with a power release disconnecting accessory in motorized applications.

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