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Hermetic Door Systems are the door systems commonly used in health fields such as operating room, laboratory where there is need for sealing. Hermetic Doors are sealed by contact on the wall and floor. Thanks to the engine structure used, it works very quietly. It keeps the environment hygienic and prevents any problems. For protection of hygiene, the elbow contact or proximity sensor is usually used instead of the hand sensor. In any case that may occur, it takes itself to the automatic system so that no damage occurs. It is very resistant to impact. Thanks to its special dust-free structure, it can be used without any problems. Hermetic Door Systems can be produced in the desired color and design suitable for the decoration of the area to be built. It is produced according to the size and height of the area to be built.

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General Features

- Automatic Hospital Doors provide maximum sealing, minimum sound
- Ability to open without touching any body or organ
- Not visible from a distance of more than 5 cm
- Antibacterial body
- Surveillance tape feature

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