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The loading ramp can be in different sizes, working in a range of ± 31 cm. During the construction of the ramp, or afterwards, a pit is placed. Project support is provided so that the pit can be prepared in the right dimensions. This support is as pre-sales as it is after sales and our technical team is at your side for all kinds of information needs. Ramps that can be taken out by forklift and which are used for equalizing the level of the truck cabin with factory level in places where loading and unloading are done in factories and warehouses are called system loading system which is formed with bellows to prevent heat losses and to protect the loading and unloading area from external influences. If ramps are desired, the installation can be done after the construction before the construction. We have all the information we need to build the right ramp bed.

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General Features

- Motor Voltage: 3 Phase, 380 V, 50 Hz
- Engine Power: 1 HP (0.75 kW.)
- Platform Material: High Quality Steel 5/6 mm Patterned
- Sash Features: Double Effective, 12.2 mm. Meat Thickness, Self-Cleaning Hinge
- Working Temperature: 20 TUR / HOUR - 35 TUR / HOUR
- Maximum span load: 9000 kg
- Moving load: Maximum 6000 kg.

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