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Gilgen FDC model wing-type circular door automations, which have a wide application range from standard room doors to 90 degree building entrance doors, offer high performance and comfort, manufactured with the highest quality materials subjected to various tests that meet the most specific European norms. The electromechanical automation unit, which operates extremely quietly, also provides convenience in practice thanks to its compact design and stylish design with stainless steel body. The system which is possible to install with all kinds of apparatuses in the existing doors offers a very rich range of connections between the engine unit and the wing (pushing, pulling or parallel pulling arm etc.).

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General Features

- Microprocessor controlled mechanism is used.
- Highly quiet DC motor.
- Braking intensity and speed can be adjusted.
- 0-40 sec. can be set between.
- There is a feature that can be opened.
- Two-way, one-way switching from control button, fully open, fully closed settings
- Transparent and colorful applications on all windows

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