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Folding fast PVC doors allow for the entrance and exit of transport vehicles such as forklifts with high opening-closing speed, as well as isolation from factors such as odor, heat, dust and wind. The door is made up of aluminum props which are determined according to the door height of the different width brands. It provides the entrance-exit security by making it possible to see between the two sides of the door with the transparent window which can be applied on the door.

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General Features

-All fast PVC doors, average 1 m / sec. They work fast.
-Temper fast PVC doors can be opened and closed 500 times a day.
- Fast PVC production can be made in every desired size.
-Hidden PVC Folding Doors ensure that the motor system is hidden within the upper group, providing aesthetic and hygienic usage, and does not cause floor boats.
- Helical gear reducer providing high efficiency and torque is used in PVC folding doors.
-The corrosion-proofing plastics protect the curtain fittings on pipes used in PVC folding doors.

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