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They are highly successful solutions in areas where heavy vehicle traffic is required and where indoor weather conditions are desired to be affected from outside to a minimum level. Thanks to the flexible PVC canopy system, they are quite long life and safe systems. They are offered as two main models with flexible start and stop speeds as well as a fixed quick opening and closing pattern.

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General Features

-They can be used to separate different spaces, to prevent dust-air circulation, to reduce heat loss.
-It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
-2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm. with different thickness options. - Sealing ratios can be adjusted with manufacturing rates of 25%, 50%, 67%, 75%, 100%.
-The material used in the construction of PVC strips is anti-bacterial and soft PVC material and has a bluish transparent structure.
-Hair PVC Spiral Doors have the opportunity to provide landing-take-off at the desired speed.
-Slow start - acceleration - slow start (soft start - soft stop) working principle, as opposed to constant speed PVC doors, protects the mechanical parts.
- All maintenance work can be easily done by the feature of hinged high strength side sills, which are moved by the curtain fittings in the PVC PVC Spiral Doors.
-Hidden PVC Spiral Door located in side stitches 3cm. full sealing with the length of the brush.
- They have modular curtain fittings which are partly combined with special aluminum bars.

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